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Start planning, stop struggling.

There's no need to settle for a planner that "sort of" fits your needs.

If you can raise your hand to one or more of these annoyances...

🤷‍♀️ You've wasted time scrolling through 100s of planner templates that aren't quite right.

🤷‍♀️ You've spent hours (upon hours!) filling in all the details and dates across Every. Single. Week. of your planner.

🤷‍♀️ You put up with a planner that's functional but ugly, boring and uninspiring.

🤷‍♀️ You've agonized over customizing your own planner trying to perfect the layout, figure out tech details, and get it to actually look beautiful.

Through our proven planner system, our planner creator will take your specific wishes and instantly create the planner you've been dreaming of!

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The Nurtured Potential Planner...


✔︎  Automated creation of your dream layout! You select the amount and order of teaching blocks and breaks and your planner is created for you! Over 4,000 possible layouts! 

✔︎  Flexibility to be printed or digital - Google Drive ready!

SAVES YOU TIME all year long

✔︎  Autofill of YOUR school year dates, no-school days, and days-of-school counter for the entire year! 

✔︎  A master week you fill in once with your re-occurring weekly events, lessons & to-do items and the planner autofills every week of the year for you

✔︎  Monthly calendars for YOUR school year automatically filled with your no-school days!

LETS YOU enjoy planning AGAIN

✔︎  Stylish, modern designs, including a printer-friendly option!

SAVES YOUR hard-earned money

✔︎  Free updates! Purchase once and use every year.

it's no wonder your standard planbook is driving you crazy!

Will this planner
work for

Ideal for
every grade

Teachers from preschool thru high school LOVE this planner because it is created based on their unique desires.

Loved by

Super flexible layout for whatever your homeschool day looks like! Create exactly what you need.

Perfect for
school years

You indicate the first and last days of your school year and the planbook will be automatically created for your specific year! Ideal for year-round schedules and other non-traditional formats.

Excellent for

Choose your date format (dd/mm or mm/dd ) and select US letter or A4 paper layout. Indicate your own school year start and end dates, so it doesn't matter what month your school year starts.

Purchase now for $29

Get the Nurtured Potential Planner now and start planning on your terms!

Buy now for $29

4 Easy Steps to your dream planner.

Creating a gorgeous custom planner that exactly fits your needs is 100% within reach.


Fill Out the Questionnaire

Choose your planner preferences...

  • Weekdays on top or on sides?
  • How many teaching blocks do you want in your day? Any breaks/lunch between them?
  • What do you want to title your blocks?
  • What style/look do you prefer?

...and enter your school-year dates

  • What dates are your first and last days?
  • What are the dates of your holidays and no-school days?


Fill In Your Master Week

Within moments of submitting your questionnaire, your gorgeous weekly template page is made for you.

Fill in anything you want to appear each week in your planner - pullouts, specials, weekly to-dos, subject headings, times, etc.


Your Entire Planner Is Created For You

With 1 click, your master week is used to create every week of your planner. Each week automatically:

  • Is dated for the entire year
  • Has a daily school-day count (2nd day, 100th day, etc.)
  • Shows your specified holidays and no-school days
  • Is formatted exactly like your master week for the entire school year


Print your planner or start using it digitally

  • LOVE A PENCIL & PAPER PLANNER? One click and your planner will be downloaded as a print-ready, perfectly formatted PDF document.
  • LOVE DIGITAL, PAPERLESS PLANNING? Simply start typing your plans into your planner!

Join thousands of happy customers

"My mind is blown! This planner not only made my dream calendar layout but it did all the mind-numbing data entry for me!! It *definitely* is the next big thing for teacher planners. I've recommended it to all my friends and will never go back."

- Jeannette K.

"This is a fantastic resource! It was super easy to use and the instructions were crystal clear. It worked quickly and in a matter of minutes I had a fully customized planner for the year! Thank you!"

- Erica G.

"I am SO appreciative of the time, energy, and tech savvy you have put into this product!!!!! I start to input my info and can't believe it was so easy- you truly have created a teacher's dream- I am so very thankful to you and your team! This is fantastic!"

- A. Rogn

Hi, I'm Allison! My goal is to help busy teachers take back their time and enjoy planning again.

Nice to meet you! I’m an organization-loving, tech-savvy teacher and have been creating my own custom planners for years.

After the hundredth person asked me if I could make them their own plan book, I knew for sure that teachers would love to be able to design their own custom planner if only they didn’t have to have tons of time, energy and tech knowledge to do so.

I enlisted my animator husband, Tim, and my tech-genius sister, Erika, to help me and we spent 2 years creating, testing and perfecting the Nurtured Potential Planner. We are now so excited to share it with you! 

Buy now for $29

We've got A's for your Q's

(and our thousands of happy customers are chiming in, too!)

Will this work for teaching remotely?

Absolutely! You can switch back and forth between using your planner printed or digital. Thus, you'll have the flexibility to switch to or from digital at a moment's notice if you need to pivot between in-person and distance learning.

Share your digital planner (just like you'd share a Google Doc) with admins, your principal, or other teachers while teaching remotely. Allow editing or view-only. 

You can even share your digital planner as "view-only" with your students' families if desired!

  • "This was a great resource to add to my remote learning plans. Thank you!" -Jennifer G.
  • "This has helped me to organize all lessons in one place during distance learning." -Karen V.
  • "With this resource, I can write two planners for next fall - "Plan A" (classroom learning) "Plan B" (distance learning). We might even need a mixture of both! I'm not limited to one planner. It's nice to have this flexibility given the current situation. I am very happy that I found this planner!" -Karina B.
  • "This was supremely useful as my normal digital planner just wasn't fitting my needs during the Covid-19 shut down. This was very easy to set this up and super convenient!" - Jasmine H.
  • "I love using this planner! The directions are clear and if I can follow them, anyone can." -Gwen H.
  • "The directions are clear and customer service is great with any questions.." -Katie M.
  • "Such a nifty planner! I was so impressed with the thorough directions and impressive layout once all my information was entered. I love it! " - Brandy H.
  • "I was a little worried that I would not know how to set it up but it was actually quite easy to follow the steps and even to make changes." - Sanjuanita V.
  • "Wow! So well done! Easy to create and to use. Thank you!" - Karoll-Ann B.
  • "Love it! Easy to follow directions and terrific format. Just what I was after. Thanks!" - Tania P.

I'm not super tech-savvy. Will I be able to use this planner?

We make this planner as easy as possible to use, and designed everything with less-techy teachers in mind.

Comprehensive, organized directions are provided in 2 different versions:

  • The "Quick Start" directions for those who feel fairly comfortable.
  • The "Nitty Gritty Details" directions for those who would love a virtual hand-hold through the entire process.

As long as you can use a computer, check email, and surf the web, we are confident you can successfully use the Nurtured Potential Planner Creator.

What if I have an unusual schedule?

We have teachers who are specialists, teachers with odd preps, teachers who teach year-round school, teachers with varying international school years and more.

There's so much flexibility in choosing the exact layout you want to be created for you, having your planner made with your school-year start and end dates, and being able to write whatever you need into your master week so it is automatically in every week of your year.

  • "This is the best planner I've used. I needed the customization for multiple preps and it worked perfectly." -Susan G.
  • "As a special education teacher and coach, I need all the organization I can get. I don't have a very traditional schedule and this planner differentiates to meet my needs. Exceeded all expectations! I will be using for years to come." -Stephanie O.
  • "This is terrific! I teach k-12 music with some classes on rotating block and some not, so my schedule is wonky, but I was able to customize this to work. Thank you!" -Rebecca B.
  • "My non-traditional schedule makes finding a teacher planner nearly impossible. I LOVE that I can set this up how I want it, customize my weekly views, and not have to copy and paste those settings to each and every page. I am very impressed!" -Stephanie H.
  • "Love being able to have it in color and look good as well. Also love that I can use it as a printed version and online." -Richelle W.
  • "I'm always amazed at how people can create insane templates on Google Sheets. I cannot wait to get my planner set up for the fall and bring my plans to the digital world." -Hannah W.
  • "The other thing that sold me on this product is that I can easily share digitally with co-teachers and also special ed and/or ELL teachers so they know what content is coming up in my lessons." -Michelle G.
  • "I am very excited. I like that I can type on it or print it out and write on it. Thank you for the resource." - Stacy F.

Is this only a digital planner? Can I print it?

This planner provides you flexibility and the option to choose!

You can use the planner entirely online in digital format, or, once you've created your planner, you can print it out and never look at your computer again for the whole year.

We even have customers who use it in both print and digital format and who go back and forth as their needs change.

It's up to you!

We homeschool. Will this work?

Absolutely! This planner is created based on your desires and daily schedule, and is excellent for multiple children or unconventional homeschool schedules.

The planner automatically populates your dates, holidays, and weekly master plans to save you tons of time. You don't have to be mom, homeschool teacher, and data-entry secretary! Oh my, is that a game-changer or what?!?  

  • "I loved every part of it, it was easy to customize and use it for my almost 4-year old. Thank you!"
    Sreenidhi M.
  • "I used this planner for my own homeschooling needs last year and I found it invaluable. It helped me to schedule out what I wanted my children to be doing during different time blocks in the day, and when I would need to be working along side them. Thanks for helping us homeschool multiple children with the peace that comes from an organized day!"
    Kristin C.
  • "Perfect for homeschooling during a pandemic!" -Paige J.


  • "This is absolutely AMAZING! It is so easy to use - This has made planning so much easier!!" - E. L.
  • "This planner is so easy to use and works well for what I need, not your cookie-cutter planner! " -Sara S.
  • "Brilliant! No troubles with setting up. So happy to have a planner that can help me become more paperless." -Damien F.
  • "Very easy to use." - Krista R.

What do I need in order to create my planner?

All you need is a free Google account. If you have a Gmail email address, or if you send and receive work emails through the Gmail platform (even if your email doesn't end in, you are all set.

If you don't have a Google account, you can create a free one in moments and start your planner right away.

Do I have to purchase fonts to make this look like your samples?

No way! We'd never leave you hanging like that! This planner comes with the fonts included AND embedded in the document.

There is absolutely NOTHING you need to do to make them work - no font purchase, no font install.

Just modern, trendy fonts from the beginning!

  • "Very easy to set up and use. The end result is beautiful!" -Deborah G.
  • "Every year I search for a planner that I will like and stick with, and every year I am left disappointed...until this year! I love how easy it was to customize. Many other planners made it difficult to look good when it was being printed out. I also love the digital option of this planner. Thank you so much!" -Amanda S.
  • "Love the ease of set up and being able to have it in color and look good as well." -Richelle W.

  • "Wow. Just wow. This is AMAZING!! Worth every cent, I can't believe how customisable it really is, especially for an Aussie teacher. I am totally impressed and totally jealous of your tech design skills!! Thank you forever." -Miss T.
  • "Absolutely floored at how awesome this planner is... I love the auto-filling! I also loved that you considered school sessions that don't fit the northern hemisphere. Different School start and end times and holiday times here in Australia, date preferences and paper sizing is all considered." -Clever P.

I'm not in the US. Does this planner work for international teachers?

We wouldn't forget about our international teachers! Choose your preferred date format (dd/mm or mm/dd) and can select your own start and end date for your planner so it can be made for any school year.

We also have a specific A4 layout option that you can choose in the set-up questionnaire to maximize your A4 paper space. No more "making do" with printing US letter-formatted planner pages on A4 paper!

Excellent for European, Australian and world-wide school schedules. As long as you teach Monday through Friday, the Nurtured Potential Planner is designed with international teachers in mind.

I'm considering DIYing my own planner. Why is this better?

SO many of our customers tell us they've been DIYing their own planner for years, but it never quite turns out as beautiful or functional as their vision.

We also hear from customers who always wished they could DIY their planner but didn't know where to start.

The common thread no matter which camp you're in? You'll love having all the benefits of a DIY custom planner without all the actual DIYing.

Save your valuable time, energy and money while still doing as much or as little extra customizing as you want (Disc binding? Storage pockets?).

Or... use it exactly as is and let everyone think you created an incredible custom planner from scratch! 😉 We promise we won’t tell.

  • "It's very comprehensive. I had planned to create my own and then decided to see if I could find one... I could easily do a one-time set up of my district calendar and my daily schedule and the program takes care of setting up the entire school year." -Michelle G.
  • "Best product available that allows me to be at the forefront of designing my own teacher planner saving valuable time and money. Thanks again!!!" -Hana H.
  • "I've been creating my own planners for years. I have finally found one that works for me! I can see using this year after year. This is an exceptional tool..." -Laura P.
  • "I use the Google Suite all the time but I wasn't looking forward to creating something from scratch. I was super excited to find this resource! Exactly what I was looking for." - Cynthia R.

  • "This is a fantastic resource! It was super easy to use and the instructions were crystal clear. It worked quickly and in a matter of minutes I had a fully customized planner for the year! Thank you!" - Erica G.
  • "This is my favorite planner! It is very easy to use, prints up nicely, and saves me a lot of time. Exactly what I have been looking for!!" - Charlene C.
  • "The planner is customized to my exact needs. I love how it autofills all my workdays, specials, holidays, ect. It saved me a lot of time. Thank you!" -Patricia Y.

How long does this planner take to set up?

We have found most teachers spend 30 minutes to 3 hours creating their planner, depending how tech-savvy they are and how much they want to customize.

After the initial set-up, the planner requires no weekly or monthly repetitive data entry and is completely ready for actual lesson planning.

Save countless hours over the course of the year by having everything done for you as your planner is created!  

Who is this planner NOT for?

The Nurtured Potential Planner is designed to be extremely versatile and meet so many teacher needs.

That said, there are a few unique teaching situations that don't work with the planner quite yet. These include:

  • weekly schedules other than Monday thru Friday
  • 6 or 7 day school weeks (such as Mon-Sat)
  • A/B schedules (You can still use this planner, but won't be able to have a different automatic layout for every other day throughout the school year.)

If you fall into these categories, we encourage you to check back on occasion as these features are on our future upgrade plans.

How do I bind my planner if I print it?

Our customers use a myriad of methods to bind their planners, but the most common -- and easiest -- is simply 3-hole-punching the paper and putting your planner in a cute binder.

You can also choose to disc bind (a very popular choice), to use any bookbinding machine you have in your school or district, or to take your planner to a print shop or office supply store to be wire-bound or coil-bound (also very common among our customers).

The planner is pre-designed to have a binding margin in the center of each 2-page spread. This means you have room to bind without cutting into your lesson plans.

🤷‍♀️ Why spend up to $60 on a planner you can only use for one year?

🤷‍♀️. Why try to get by with the cheapest planner out there -- only to discover the reason it's cheap and need to buy another planner?

(Less $ for teaching supplies and cute shoes... bummer!)

  • Purchase the Nurtured Potential Planner ONCE
  • Fall in love with the beauty, functionality and value
  • Be confident you can create your own custom planner every year...
    without ever spending a penny more!

(and since you'll already have your planner, you
can buy incredible new shoes each year instead! Yay!)

Customer Love

"Best product available that allows me to save valuable time and money. Thanks again for your creativity and brilliance in making this product!!!"

- Hana H.

"Wow. Just wow. This is AMAZING!! Worth every cent, I can't believe how customizable it really is. I am totally impressed!! Thank you forever."

- Miss T.

"I was super excited to find this resource and it's worth every penny! So easy to use and navigate and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!"

- Cynthia R.

Purchase now to save!


Don't waste another year with a mediocre planner.